Shanghai Natural Wine Academy Class 4 -- Roussillon(上海自然酒讲座第四讲--法南胡西荣)酒评

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Shanghai Natural Wine Academy Class 4 -- Roussillon


-------By Jean Marc Nolant



1.  La Petite Baigneuse, Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes Juste Ciel 2009, Roussillon

"Issued from a blend of Grenache Blanc and Macabeu planted on schistous grounds, this wine displays a clear, bright, light straw color, medium concentration. Clean, and moderately intense, this youthful wine offers captivating aromas of quince, stone fruit salad, yeast, and sweet notes of juicy pears and pineapple. There is no sign of earthiness, minerals, or oak in this wine. The palate is dry, medium bodied, offering a velvety, rounded texture filled with flavors of hints of white peach, and notes of freshly cracked white peppercorn, minerals; medium + alcohol, no tannin, medium finish, and medium complexity. "

(JMN January 2014).

乾淨,中等強度,這個年輕的酒不僅提供了木瓜以及酵母迷人的香氣,同時也表現出梨子和鳳梨的多汁。這支酒沒有任何土味,礦物質,或橡木的跡象。中等濃郁口感,提供一個充滿果實味道天鵝絨般圓潤的質地,白桃和新鮮敲開的白桃提供了有力的感覺; 礦物質,或是木桶的證據; 此酒建議中等酸...

JMN 2014年01月)。

2. Domaine du Possible, Cotes du Roussillon C'Est Pas La Mer a Boire 2011, Roussillon

"Issued from a blend of Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah, and displays a clear, day bright, purple color, high concentration . Clean, and intensely expressive, this youthful wine exhibits aromas of black cherry, black raspberry, currant, blueberry, floral notes of rose petal and lavender, black olive, smoke, licorice and a peppery spiciness. Dry, medium to full-bodied, and amazingly opened for such a young wine, the palate confirms the subtle floral aspect of the nose, with an additional mineral, leafy, and sappy character. The balance of this wine offers medium acidity, medium + alcohol, medium + tannin, a long lasting finish. "

 (JMN January 2014).



3. Le Bout du Monde, Cotes du Roussillon Avec Le Temps 2011, Roussillon

"Issued from 100% Carignan grapes, the whole cluster, carbonic macerated  2011 Avec Le Temps displays a clear, vivid inky/purple color, high concentration, youthful aromas of crammed blueberries, sour cherries, black currant, faded rose petals, and yeasty / leathery notes. The mouth of this dry, medium bodied, low acid, medium alcohol, confirms the tart fruit aromas found on the nose, while the underlying suggestion of the integrated 8 months oak aging (following 3 weeks of carbonic maceration) and velvety tannic character of this wine already make it a deliciously drinking wine. "

(JMN January 2014).

我們保留了水果的原味並使用的礦物使用二氧化碳的浸泡法將佳麗釀,展現出片麻岩土壤的個性...使用100%的佳麗釀葡萄,2011年的Avec Le Temps呈現出清晰,生動漆黑/紫色的顏色,濃度高,充滿青春的香氣,填滿了藍莓,酸櫻桃,黑加侖,褪色的玫瑰花瓣,和酵母/皮革的味道。口中這個不甜,酒體中等,低酸,酒精中等,確認了您所聞到水果的香味,同時集成了8個月的橡木桶陳釀,(二氧化碳浸泡3週後)和天鵝絨般的單寧這種酒的性格已經使人們有一個美味的酒。

(JMN 2014年01月)。

4. Domaine La Tour Vieille, Collioure Rouge Puig Ambeille 2010, Roussillon

"Issued from Collioure's steep and schistous grenache/carignan/mourvedre vineyards, this wine displays a clear, bright ruby/tawny color, and rather high concentration and viscosity. There is no variation of color between the core and the rim of the wine, nor evidence of gas particles or sediments in this wine. The nose of this youthful wine appears clear, intense, and displays vinous aromas including plum paste, baked figs, bitter chocolate, underlined with a rather expressive minerality. Although slightly noticeable, the oak aging of the wine remains  completely integrated. Dry, full bodied, and offering flavors confirming the nose, the palate integrates briny and saline notes reminiscent of the mediterranean sea vicinity, punctuated by a fairly high and meaty concentration. The minerality noticed on the nose remains perceptible on the palate, while the oak influence has completely melted. Medium acidity, high alcohol, velvety tannins, and high complexity are followed by a long lasting finish. "

(JMN January 2014).

5. Domaine du Traginer, Banyuls Blanc 2008, Roussillon

"Issued from old and extremely low yielding Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, and Muscat vines, this wine displays a light gold color, medium concentration, decadent viscosity. Clean, and powerfully aromatic, this creamy, grapey, honey floral scented wine (violet and lavender) also reveals minerals reminiscent of the schistose grounds of Banyuls. Sweet, full bodied and softly textured, the palate is unctuous, broad, flavorful, and offers multilayers of honey, jasmine, saffron, quince, spicy anise (fennel like) and stones. There is no earthiness in this decadently rich and expressive offering combining a medium - acidity, high alcohol content, no tannin, endless finish and complexity. A quintessential white Banyuls or an outstanding example of the heights this unheralded appellation can achieve! "

(JMN January 2014).

從舊和極低收益率的白歌海娜,灰歌海娜和馬斯喀特藤蔓所發行,這支酒呈現出淺金色,中等濃度,濃郁粘度。乾淨有力的芳香,這奶油,葡萄似的,蜂蜜花香香味的葡萄酒(紫色和薰衣草)也揭示讓人想起巴紐爾斯 片岩礦物質的味道。甜,酒體飽滿,質感柔和,口感油滑,廣闊,美味,並提供多層蜂蜜,茉莉,番紅花,木瓜,辛辣八角(茴香等)和石頭。沒有土質在這個頹廢,表現力豐富的產品相結合的中等- 酸度,酒精含量高,沒有單寧,無盡的光潔度和複雜性。一個典型的白色巴紐爾斯或一個突出的例子的讓這個名不見經傳的稱謂可以實現!

(JMN 2014年01月)。

6. Domaine du Traginer, Banyuls Grand Cru 2003, Roussillon

"Issued from Grenache vines this wine displays a clear, rather high viscosity. The nose of this 2003 Grand Cru offers intense, powerful,  fruit aromas including raisins, baked figs, toffee / caramel, sweet spice (cinnamon), underlined with a rather expressive minerality. Although slightly noticeable. Sweet, full bodied, and offering flavors confirming the nose, the palate integrates notes of dried fruits such as walnuts, pecan nuts, as well as dried tobacco leaves. The minerality noticed on the nose remains perceptible on the palate, so is the oak influence. Medium acidity, high alcohol, soft and polished tannins, and high complexity are followed by an extremely long lasting finish. This thick, luscious, and velvety textured port like wine.  "
(JMN January 2014).

葛納西葡萄,這支酒顯示一個清晰明亮的黃褐色,濃度相當高。這個2003年的特級酒的香氣 提供強烈和葡萄酒的水果的香味,包括葡萄乾,烤無花果,太妃糖/焦糖,甜香料(肉桂),強調一個相當傳神的礦物。雖然稍明顯,但橡木桶陳釀的葡萄酒呈現完整的集成。口味甜,酒體飽滿,並香氣也符合標準氣味,集合了乾果如核桃和榛子的口感。礦物味和橡木的影響力。中等酸度,酒精含量高,柔軟拋光的單寧和高複雜,是一個非常長的餘韻。這款濃厚,甘美,天鵝絨般的質感的葡萄酒 搭配山核桃餡餅甜品,藍紋奶酪,或飯後雪茄是完美的組合。